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REFOG Free Keylogger 8.1

Free software monitors everything you type. You will never lose a password!
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Information... inestimable! Most software try to prevent data loss. Word processors create backup copies of files, web browsers remember login info for Web pages. Password managers let you manage your passwords, backup managers let you backup anything. Yet, how is it that you still spend hours or even days recovering pieces of valuable information? Why do you have to lose your info once in a while?

How to prevent that? I was gladly surprised to get a free application that does exactly what I need. This software is called REFOG Free Keylogger. Despite its funny name, the program has nothing to do with monitoring. It simply logs all programs that you use on your own PC, the titles of their windows, all your keystrokes, etc.

Imagine you are editing an e-mail. Then the program crashes and you have to start over again. Sounds familiar? With REFOG Free Keylogger, you will never lose any of your info, whether it was written in an on-line form or anywhere else. Go ahead and open Refog's log. You will find all your info right there.

When I need to get several fragments of text from a web page or a text document. Windows clipboard only allows you tolets you copy one part of text at a time. I use REFOG Free Keylogger to get as many pieces of text at a time any way I wish. I just copy them all into the Windows clipboard and end up with the whole thing in my REFOG log.

Forgot the address of that page? Why haven't you bookmarked it? I was guessing addresses as you do. But now I know that my REFOG Free Keylogger saves them all for me. Yes, it also keeps the addresses of all the Web sites that you open.

Did I mention passwords? All my passwords and registration keys are also safely logged now!

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